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Fresh Food Empire - The Game

Fresh Food Empire is a social challenge game around fresh food, integrated with social networking sites like Facebook. Challenges accepted and done gain points, with which the player can upgrade their Fresh Food Empire. The goal of the game is to grow a global Fresh Food Chain Empire, including supply chain elements like farms, starting from a food stall on the street selling just 1 type of fruit or vegetable.

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In Fresh Food Empire, each player gets a profile, in which an important part is the ‘Foods I Like’ section. Based on what the player fills in (pizza, fries, candy, apples, oranges), the first challenges are generated: “if you like pizza, try a home-made one” including a recipe making a pizza using fresh ingredients. For each challenge done, the player gets points. As for filling in parts of the profile completely

After a certain number of points are gathered by fulfilling the challenges and filling in the profile, the player gets her foodstall with one type of food of choice in the assortment. With that, challenges can be sent to friends: (foodstall customers) “I challenge you to eat a banana.” These itemized food challenges generate points (say 10 per challenge) for both the challenger and the challenged player, with which the player can buy more types of food to sell.

This goes on with combined food elements (fruit salad, salad of tomatoes with cucumber, etcetera) to send more complex challenges to friends, which enables them to earn more points (say 25 for a fruitsalad).

This continues with more complex challenges, more points, and going from a foodstall to a store, to a chain and so on.

We could also factor in the ANDI index, for nutritional value. The better the score of the challenge according to this index, the higher the points earned.

Extra points can be earned for liking and promoting fresh food, for combining ingredients into creative meals and for recommending fresh food as an alternative to fast food to friends. Next to that attracting new players, sharing recipes and challenges through social networking sites and other Fresh Food Empire promoting activities can earn points.

There are many more additional features that can be added later. For example sharing photos of meals made with fresh food.

The game aims to promote eating fresh food through networks of friends and in-game competitors. By making it into a seperate game platform, the game is independant of the success of specific networking sites. Apps for the different mobile platforms should also be considered, of course free to download.

There are probably some challenges to overcome. One that came up when I discussed this concept with a friend, is that it is hard to verify that challenges are really done. That fresh food is indeed used. The aim of the game is to raise awareness, and for that it is initially not necessary that challenges are really met. However, suggestions for solutions are welcome.

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I've seen several other social gaming concepts in the platform. Maybe it would be a good idea to combine them into one for the shortlist evaluation phase.

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Hi Gabriela, thanks for the comment. I think it's brilliant to add nutritional value to the game. In the challenge, the better the nutritional value, the higher the points earned. Same can go for a balanced diet: the better balanced the challenges, the higher the total score.

Partnering with games like Farmville could be interesting. However, in the concept the game is platform independent, because some statistics show that Facebook usage amongst teens is decreasing. I couldn't find statistics for Farmville users yet, but I'm afraid that our target audience is only a small part of the players. A partnership with another game would definitely need to be based on reaching teenagers.

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I would also say it might be a good idea to partner with an existing game like farmville. They are already ridiculously successful and are very innovative in their ability to crossover to the real world (they have promoted a particular brand of blue berries in the past and now have tie ins with 7-11 where buying certain things unlocks special gifts).
Oddly enough, farmville is turning up to be a great source of education regarding how fruits and vegetables are grown. Gamers can get a rough idea of what fruit trees, shrubs and crops look like. I wonder if there is a way of tying in nutrition advice into the game. Could be as simple as having the nutritional value of each crop seed (for example, red peppers could say 'rich in Vitamin C and A'. Or more complicated by partnering with supermarkets and having gamers unlock special gifts when they spend $X on produce.