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Celeb Fed (Celebrity endorsement concept)

Kids are impressionable, but they are not always impressed by ideas presented by those closest to them (family, teachers, other authority figures). How about the concept of delivering messages of health through child icons like iCarly, Sponge Bob, Dora, Drew Brees and other "big names" in sports, cartoons, reality TV etc.?

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This is a basic mass marketing campaign- Round up a core group of the most popular and most influential who believe in and will support the challenge. Use some of the inspirational ideas provided by other challenge members to use in a mass marketing campaign to blanket cafeterias with posters and ad clips between cartoons :-) This approach can work with all age groups, just pick an age appropriate celeb to endorse the message of health. Of course it's good to see how much time and money one can get donated for such an expensive endeavor!

Age of kids. The solutions to changing kids’ eating behaviors will vary depending on their age. What works for a toddler won’t necessarily fly for a teenager, although we suspect some concepts might be appropriate for all ages—even adults! Which age bracket does your concept address (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Young adults 18-21

Hurdles to success. Helping kids make smarter food choices comes with a variety of hurdles that have to be addressed in order for a design solution to be successful, which of these do you think that your Concept overcomes (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Expense and Convenience

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Your idea is interesting, I see potential in celeb campaigns. However, the same heros (Bob the sponge, Dora, Mickey etc) are used to promote also unhealthy food - their faces appear on candies and every kind of plastic food. So maybe it will be kind of confusing for the kids.
Moreover, I think that this kind of change cannot start from the media - because media have ads from junk food industry, therefore they have interest in not helping this cause out. You can also say that media is one factor why people eat so badly nowadays.I think the change should come from the structure of school, or of the society itself. :)