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A "healthy" competition

Using a healthy food currency, family members can earn points depending on their eating behavior and compete for different rewards. By having individual and group rewards, defined together, family members will encourage each other to live healthier every day.

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Every day you can earn an amount of points depending on how healthy you were that day. You can earn points by not eating unhealthy stuff (chocolate bar), eating healthy things (fruit) or doing some activities (exercise, help with cooking). At the end of the month, depending on how well you scored (as an individual or as a family), you can earn a reward. The rewards are defined by the family all together, at the beginning of every month ... Everyone can set a personal goal and try to break personal or all time records ...

Age of kids. The solutions to changing kids’ eating behaviors will vary depending on their age. What works for a toddler won’t necessarily fly for a teenager, although we suspect some concepts might be appropriate for all ages—even adults! Which age bracket does your concept address (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Elementary (Kids) 5-10

Hurdles to success. Helping kids make smarter food choices comes with a variety of hurdles that have to be addressed in order for a design solution to be successful, which of these do you think that your Concept overcomes (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Peer Pressure

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I like this idea. It could work really well as a cooking show concept with play along at home ties. Could get prizes for at home players who succeed at high family scores.