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My Cooking School

A semi-professional kit for kids that helps them to learn a lot of diferent and easy recipes in order to become healty chefs

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We start with the main idea of the old ViewMaster with diferent disks, each disk is a diferent recipe. We also have te scissors instead of a knife, a mixer, an alarm clock, a cheese grater, a crusher and the entire chef outfit for kids.

My inspiration were another very succesfull cooking toys, the Easy Bake and the Jamba Juice Smoothie Creator. I tried to reach the same level of paricipation, learning and fun that these toys have because I think that interactivity and fen are the best way to teach something to kids.

2., Now, the other day I had a dream in wich I combined that game ...*Adivina quién?* I think the exact traduction would be *Guess Who?* with my own recent idea ... so I made this little game as a part of the previous game for those days when the kids have cousins or frinds in home and they wanna play together... I think the draw explains it very well ..

So I hope you enjoy my little kitchen school and comments are welcome...

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I like the 'hand-held game' aspect of your idea. So once the game which builds up to the final recipe is played, and all the ingredients revealed, the game can be taken to the store as a grocery list and then brought into the kitchen and used as a fun interactive cookbook as the kid and their parent/supervisor cooks the recipe. Fun development potential! Thanks for the idea!

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My gosh I lov it !!!

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Very cool cookbook-rolled-in-a -toy concept, and I also really enjoyed the drawings. I think this toy or kids kit would go great with some of the other concepts and inspirations.

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I got it ! like a View Master ! OMG I had one of those like a million years ago ! haha Got idea man !

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great job ! I love the way that your idea began... the sketches and now the final concepto ... it's awersome !