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Classroom To Go - School Food Trucks

Take the latest trend in great food and drive it to the school parking lot. Have kids cook alongside chefs, learn from the experts why fresh food tastes better, and how to prepare it with limited resources and time. Then have the kids serve their peers.

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This concept came about as the confluence of a number of smaller ideas: (a) what is "cool" about cooking, (b) how can you reach a large number of kids, (c) how can you make this a repeatable experience so good habits can be adopted at home?

Most kids haven't tried to cook for themselves using fresh ingredients, but experience is a great teacher - learning by doing solidifies concepts. I also realized that, while I can reach a large number of kids during school hours, a number of school cafeterias are set up for "re-heat" only catering (food is prepared elsewhere and delivered to the school). So how can we bring a caterer to school? Food Trucks have received a lot of media attention lately, but most kids haven't come across them in real life. Put yourself in the shoes of a child: how cool is it when one of these food trucks pulls into your school's parking lot, and you get to go out and work with a real chef? The food isn't fancy - just fresh and tasty - and the ingredients and cooking process can be adopted in the home.

I believe that a number of Food Truck owners would be happy to work with schools, benefitting from good publicity and increased word of mouth advertising.

Evaluation results

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1. Food Knowledge - To what extent is this concept teaching people about food knowledge?

It's teaching people a great deal about food knowledge - 40%

It's teaching people a moderate deal about food knowledge - 20%

It's teaching people a little about food knowledge - 40%

It's not focused on food knowledge - 0%

2. Cooking - Is this concept focused on getting people to cook?

It's all about getting people to cook - 80%

It's moderately about getting people to cook - 0%

It's getting people to cook a little - 20%

It's not focused on cooking at all - 0%

3. Originality - How original is this idea?

This idea is extremely original - 20%

This idea is somewhat original - 60%

This idea has some originality about it - 20%

I have seen this idea before - 0%

4. Scalability - How scalable is this idea across communities and geographies?

This idea can be scaled across many communities and places - 20%

This idea can be scaled but needs some work - 40%

This idea will take a fair bit of work to scale - 40%

This idea cannot scale at all - 0%


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Nice idea but what about the need to use fossil fuels to get there?

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This is cool! Since schools don't have the budget anymore to go on field trips, take the learning to the kids! This would be at least as valuable than the travelling critter shows and similar educational programs my kids have seen. This taps into the "ice cream truck" vibe of some other concepts, in a different, creative way.

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Food trucks have been a huge hit at UCLA
Too bad they weren't there when I was there ;)