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Gold Medal Service

Reward consistency of good cleaning service, and help both the service provider and their customers communicate that their facilities are Gold Medal clean.

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Reward service providers on a "pay by the pound" method, to encourage bringing collected waste to the proper collection points (In this sketch, a gold medal for collecting 50 pounds of waste).

The rewards are "gold medal" promotions such as a pack of paper toilet covers / stickers that the servicer can place on their serviced facilities. This tells their customers that their servicer is properly disposing of their wastes, and implies good service and cleanliness.

For the service provider this helps them advertise the quality of their offering.

Who could implement this?

  • Local entrepreneur
  • Multinational company
  • Government

Evaluation results

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1. How well does it meet the needs of the developing world?

It fulfills really well on the need its chosen to serve - 66.7%

It will help but other solutions might serve the needs better - 33.3%

It doesn't really address any of the needs of the developing world - 0%

2. How innovative is this concept?

It's completely new to the world - 16.7%

It's a good reinterpretation of an existing idea - 83.3%

There are some similar ideas - 0%

It's not innovative at all - 0%

3. How feasible is this concept to implement?

very high potential - 83.3%

It's good but need a lot of work - 16.7%

Its got too many open questions right now to say either way - 0%


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great idea. I'm also wondering if there's something we can take from the system of receiving cash for returning your empty glass bottles? (is that still practised anywhere?). Perhaps if the neighbourhood tanks (PCBs?) are privately 'owned' by someone in the neighbourhood and they get paid by the operator based on volume collected? So the local tank owner would empty the toilets in the neighbourhood because he gets paid the more he collects. The operator would pay because he's providing the service. This would need some sort of regulation to ensure that the operator doesn't take over the local tanks and avoid paying the neighbourhood guy.... needs more investigation.

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