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Urinal targets

According to, etching or adhering the image of a fly to a urinal reduces spillage by 85%, encouraging toilet users to better their aim.

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By placing "targets" in urinals – most famously, Amsterdam's Schipol – the fly lets us rethink how we might get people to be more vigilant about their toilet experience. To me, it shows that simple ideas can be very effective in reframing (and re-aiming) an activity as practiced and ingrained as going to the restroom.


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I've read about these urinals in the book "Nudge", by Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein. If i'm not mistaken, the point of the fly was that "if the user has something to asim at, their precision will improve". In other words, it doesn't have to be a fly picture in the urinal, any sort of "target" should suffice, opening up a new and interesting avenue for experimentation.

I'm sure that this particular inspiration will be of just as much value for people in the developing as well as in the developed world alike!

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On a follow up note - this concept was translated to targets hung in conventional toilet bowls for toddler (and other) training and successfully commercialised here in Australia.

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