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Make me feel good about owning a toilet

Through incredible marketing Coca-Cola has made people around the world feel happy when they buy a Coke. This video is an example of that. And its been localised by being translated in 30 languages. Telling people to "buy a toilet so you don't get diarohea" won't work. We need to sell a lifestyle choice. We need to use incredible marketing to sell sanitation.

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I was inspired by Melinda Gates in her TEDx speech asking what we can learn from Coca Cola to solve social problem like sanitation:

This builds on "No Loo, no "I do" - an example of this innovative marketing approach to sell sanitation.

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Hi Andy,
I am TED addicted :D
Totally agree. These are the three steps to be followed in all kinds of projects:
1- Take real time data and feed it back immediately into the product (or service)
2- Use Local Entrepreneur talent
3- Making Social Marketing appealing

Thanks for sharing!