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I'll leave it to the Unilever folks to get the story 100% accurate, but Unilever has a soap brand called Lifebuoy that was originally marketed in the UK and US but quickly spread globally and now seems to only exist outside of the US and Western Europe (SE Asia, India, Africa...) It's interesting for this project because in its effort to promote health and expand the soap using market, Lifebuoy is heavily involved in hygiene education programs.

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Some interesting facts:
--a 1930's campaign in the US titled 'Clean hands help guard health', encouraged the use of Lifebuoy soap to kill the germs on hands that can cause health issues. A similar campaign continues today, with Lifebuoy hygiene education programmes ongoing in countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam.
--During the Blitz of London in 1940, Lifebuoy soap provided free emergency mobile washing facilities to Londoners. Lifebuoy vans were equipped with hot showers, soap and towel
--In the aftermath of the tsunami in Asia in December 2004, Lifebuoy bars were a key element in the relief packages distributed in Southern India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases so endemic in the aftermath of such disasters
--In 2005 over 200 000 bars of Lifebuoy soap were donated to UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross to support their earthquake relief operations in Northern India and Pakistan

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Wonderfully generous of Lifebouy to dedicate material and time to help keep the world clean and free of disease. Lifebouy can continue their trend and work with small NGOs like Kinderenergy who are trying to create the soap use habit in villages where sanitation and clean water are lacking. Would love to have you on our team.

Keep up the good work Lifebouy.