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Elevated Compost Latrine

In Accra where the water tables are high and people have limited space, CHF has developed an above-ground composting latrine which they are currently piloting.

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The Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF) has also developed a compost facility in the community where they are mixing the humanure with food scraps from local restaurants and selling it to local farmers. The cost of the this latrine is approximately $1400, which is still quite high for low and middle income families in Ghana. However – compared to the twice daily usage of the public toilet – it works out to be a better deal over time, especially with the subsidy from CHF.

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This is definitely a right direction. Food scraps improve the composting process and result significantly, similar to adding livestock manure.Microbes digest the food scraps along with the human wastes to make better compost.
Additional revenue streams such as fuel alcohol made from the food scraps before they are added to the composting process, and biogas collected from the composting process itself can help support making high quality latrines available to more people.