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Deploy Moldering Privies to Make Gold out of Human Waste

Moldering Privies are the most cost effective and eco-friendly solution to human waste disposal

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Moldering Privies, which use red wiggler worms to turn human poop into clean compost, are the most cost effective and eco-friendly solution to waste disposal. All you need is a little toilet paper and some wood shavings to cover your "deposit":)

Moldering Privies:
-save precious water
-do not smell
-produce clean compost to fertilize the soil (the compost can be sold to recover the cost of building the privy)
-recycle wood shavings
-usually have a nice view (might be replaced with a door in urban areas)!

The compost box could be modular, allowing it to be easily replaced (slid in under the privy?) and portable (pulled by a tricycle?) allowing it to be taken away for storage at a central site for the composting to complete. All this work could be done as a profitable business service.


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Drawing a parallel to industrial composting, as well as agriculture, winemaking, cheesemaking, and other time-intensive product manufacture, there needs to be land set aside for the bugs to do their work over time, which means infrastructure and people to watch over the work in process.

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