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Clean = Insect free

Throughout our time here in Ghana we've heard many people express their concerns with bugs in and around their toilets. More tangible and understandable than invisible germs, flies, mosquitoes and maggots are often thought to be the true culprits spreading diseases. The presence of bugs in public toilets is out of the control of their patrons, but we've found that owners of household toilets work hard to keep their facilities bug-free. In fact, when asked what they clean their toilets with, they almost always pull out a bottle of insecticide. The brands vary widely, as do their usage methods, but insecticide seems to play an important role in household sanitation in Ghana. How might we communicate cleanliness in relevant and tangible ways (bug-free, as opposed to germ-free)? How might we ensure the proper use of chemical products when used in the home? 

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An area that repels insects would attract users. Interesting! What common plants repel insects. A common ingredient in bio toilets, to help the process of composting is sawdust, is there a type of tree or plant that repels insects that can be used as this sawdust?

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