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Point of Poo Pledge

When are people most likely to relate to others’ sanitation problems? When they’re feeling the urge to relieve themselves of course! Imagine if awareness/action-raising stickers/posters were placed on the inside of public toilet stalls in the developed world (from restrooms in schools to libraries to restaurants to gas stations; the possibilities are endless). As the toilet user reads the material to be distracted from the task at hand (just like people often have household bathroom reading material, or, in the case of some public toilets, check out the random scrawled phrases and pictures), they learn about sanitation issues elsewhere in the world and are referred to text a # to donate to help build hygienic, environmental public toilets where they are needed most, or for more information. A similar campaign could also target tourists at the airport returning from countries with less developed sanitation systems. Please see below for example campaign text. Image Attribution:

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What if this restroom was out of service? What if there were no public toilets nearby, or they all charged prices you couldn’t afford? What if you and your neighbors didn’t have bathrooms at home either? What would you do? Unimaginable?

This is reality for 40% of the world’s population (>2.5 billion people) who lack access to what we would consider basic sanitation and thus have defecate wherever they can, leading to lack of separation between human beings and human waste.
As a result, 4 people die every minute from sanitation-related illnesses, including 1.5 million children/year from chronic diarrhea, not to mention the scale of suffering and indignity.

Toilets4All” is working to eradicate this problem by funding local entrepreneurs to create low-cost public toilets in the most underserved areas like sub-Saharan Africa. These facilities are then sustained and expanded through revenue generated by converting human waste into fertilizer and energy.

Text “Toilets4All” to learn more, donate, or find out how else you can help.

Who could implement this?

  • Local entrepreneur
  • Multinational company
  • Large NGO
  • Government


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Great idea Vincent! A second set of info in the corner of the bathroom mirror as a reminder, and further education moment would help people remember to" make the pledge". This one could say something about the unavailability of hand washing facilities.

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Hi Sabra (and others that might be interested). I just came across an interesting bathroom mirror display technology currently active in 150 bathroom mirrors at the Chicago O'Hare airport, which I thought would be perfect for your bathroom mirror build.

Basically, these mirrors normally display a fullscreen ad, but automatically sense when you are near (like the automatic on/off sink handwashing faucets), at which point the mirror becomes a regular functional mirror with a shrunk down non-intrusive ad in the corner, which you can still view if desired. While I was checking out these mirrors, I saw ads from Zappos, Geico, and some bottled water brand. Here's an article from the Chicago Tribune with more info:

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