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How can we support and encourage full community cooperation with sanitation plans?

Incentives and disincentives are both necessary parts of engaging community cooperation with sanitation plans. How can we use these tools to best serve the community in solving sanitation problems in Kumasi?

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These are a few ideas on the subject, in hopes of inspiring more.

Sanitation workers, just like hospital workers, need access to laundry and shower facilities. This necessity can also be a good incentive to take pride in maintaining cleanliness." I am a sanitation worker." can also mean I get to take a shower and wash my clothes after work every day, something few others can say in Kumasi.

Incentives for sanitation workers and the public to participate in sanitation
--sanitation products, free toilet use tokens to give as gifts
-- luxury foods with high cultural value such as coffee
--bicycle, refrigerator, sewing machine or other coveted tools of affluence
-- loan for business start up or education
--uniforms for sanitation workers dispensed piece by piece as rewards for good service (include wearable medals or badges for exemplary service and make sure the uniform is gender appropriate for the cultural groups likely to work in sanitation )

What if sanitation workers were compensated equally with and uniformed similarly to bus drivers, train conductors or airplane flight staff? This would help people know how to value the social standing and contribution of sanitation workers.

Dis-incentives for santation workers to cheat-
1st offense: A long lecture and tour of waste management facilities ( lecture subject--why what you did was a problem)
 2nd offense: Not getting paid and having to explain why what you did was not acceptable to your community (that way you still keep the job)
3rd offense: Losing the job

Who could implement this?

  • Multinational company
  • Large NGO
  • Government


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Sanitation workers should have regular health checks and access to basic medical care, since they are at increased risk of contracting and transmitting waste borne disease. Access to medical care is also a good incentive for workers, as well as making their community value and status clear in a concrete way.

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