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Decals for bathroom doors and walls

Print decals with temperature and/or pressure sensitive ink. Place them on doors and stalls in bathrooms throughout a city. If a person pushes the door open on this decal will leave their handshape on it and it diminishes slowly over an hour. The campaign should be accompanied with slogans that is in local language/dialect for promotion of washing hands with water and soap. Local cleaning company or large soap-label or similar could be sponsor for the project.

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The idea is that if you see a big "finger-print-patterned" hand in bright or fluorescent colours in the middle of the door (approx. 120-170cm from floor level) when you are exiting the bathroom, you would think twice and possibly some would go back to clean their hands with soap. and then try to use the doors with elbow on going out.

If special printing inks are too expensive it could also be printed hand prints with different vibrant colours.

This concept is mostly intended for urban areas that have got public bathrooms and toilets inside train stations, restaurants, hotels...

People go to different types of bathrooms throughout the course of a day, week, month. They see different amenities and change their method and actions slightly depending on how public/private/clean/dirty they find the status of the bathroom.

Proposed Slogans, should be little bit scary and thoughtprovoking, like :
"e-coli could grow here"
"germs multiply on surfaces like this"
*Cholera can spread by hand touch"
"only 10seconds of washing hands is enough"
it could be accompanied with a small campaign for mobile phones, where interested could read little info about bacteria, hygiene, medical side-effects of dirty bathrooms and so on...

It is intended to change habits, to influence people to wash their hands. If project is sponsored it could become incentive to build more public bathrooms of better quality. There could become job opportunities for people to clean the bathrooms and distribute soap and towels. Small enterprises could start-up that gets hired by owners of these modern bathrooms.
There could be collection/donation boxes besides the soap/towel dispensers to raise income for the project. (or with phone number for text-messaging-donation)
And profits should go towards building public bathrooms in other public places in more rural areas. This concept will also create jobs at local printers, soap factory (or importers), towels (producer/importer/cleaner), plummers...

Who could implement this?

  • Local entrepreneur
  • Multinational company
  • Large NGO
  • Government
  • I would!

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This also gives you a hint as to who has used the bathroom recently.

A mother with children could choose a stall that has other childrens' handprints on it, if it might indicate that it was clean enough for another child to use before.