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Community Sanitation Engineers for Kumasi

Community Sanitation Engineers for Kumasi-To truly transform the sanitation situation in Kumasi will require the education of a new class of professionals to do the actual work of sanitation, and the work of educating hundreds of thousands of people on how and why to participate in keeping their neighborhood and city clean and free from waste borne disease.

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Create a school for community sanitation engineers in Kumasi. Turn the landfill into a waste treatment park and biofuel refinery as the school's campus/laboratory/training center. Full time students work, learn and earn a living stipend. The work they do is helping transform the sanitation infrastructure and behavior in Kumasi. As they do the work, they are progressively taught the skills to become outreach workers and entrepreneurs in new areas. Upon graduation, they can get some sort of matching investment or supported loan to go into business as a sanitation engineer/solution provider.
In addition to the school,and as a byproduct of the biofuel refinery, Sanitation Central provides shower and laundry facilities for students, faculty and working sanitation engineers. They are thereby inspired to help bring these luxuries to their homes and communities.

Who could implement this?

  • Local entrepreneur
  • Multinational company
  • Large NGO
  • Government
  • I would!


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I posted an inspiration on Sulabh in this challenge, but I was not aware they have training opportunities for foreign students. Thanks for the contribution Alessandro!

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