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Certificate of Cleanliness Calendar

This builds on Larry’s concept of “Gold Medal Service”. Imagine if public toilet users could transparently tell whether a facility consistently met high standards for hygiene and disposal. This could become a reality by leveraging government sanctioned disposal services (such as vacuum trucks). Each facility that uses such a service would receive an annual “Certificate of Cleanliness Calendar” posted at the entrance. Each week/month (or however often the service is meant to be used), when the service is used (which could consist of not just disposal, but also hygiene inspections or even cleaning bundled right in), a dated star sticker/seal/stamp is affixed to the appropriate location on the calendar. In addition, part of the certificate could include words and illustrations that explain the importance of hygiene and steps for cleaning toilets and yourself after toilet use.

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This would increase the awareness of the hygiene importance and which facilities are clean. Pay toilet operators would better maintain their facilities to earn a full Certificate of Cleanliness. Toilet users would patronize the cleanest facilities and improve their own hygiene habits.

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Who could implement this?

  • Local entrepreneur
  • Multinational company
  • Large NGO
  • Government


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Absolutely Jocelyn, for families and service providers, a full calendar certificate could also become a point of pride/status. Thanks for the build! Definitely something I hadn't thought of.

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