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Tuition growth rates: Public vs. Private

A comparison of tuition growth rates between different types of higher ed institutions.

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After seeing the featured contribution of the day; a detailed study on private institutions' financials and how they affect tuition decisions, I thought it would be beneficial to compare private vs. public tuition growth rates.

I found a great statistical analysis that demonstrates this topic. It shows that private tuition growth rates are normally lower than that of their public institution counterpart and that private and public rates trend in the same directions at the same times.

When room & board was included in the analysis, a major difference between public and private growth rate was seen. Over the past thirty years, tuition and room & board growth rates have decreased amongst private institutions. On the other hand, tuition and room & board growth rates have increased amongst public institutions during the same timeframe.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can public institutions learn from the private institutions' ability to keep tuition growth rates low?


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Great incorporation of the statistical analysis, it's always great to have ideas supported with data! I look forward to seeing your idea develop. 

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