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training cost to employer

employer pay the college tuition using the student's future salary

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My major in college was a physical classmates who took loans for university must find job after graduation as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, most of my classmates cannot find the job because nearly all school do not need physical teacher during my senior year in college. same of them have to accept a plan from an IT company——receiving free education about programming and obeying any deployment in five years. I feel so sad when they said " why I choose physical education instead of IT? I waste four years, I thought teacher can find job anytime."

If student want to select a professional that can find a job more easily to weaken the economic pressure. and the company also want to pay training cost in advance to obtain a five-year employee. why not advance this deal to four years ago, before my classmates decide their major.

the company pay the fee to the student during college, and the student work for the company during college and in five years after graduation.

to student, they can solve the problem of  tuition and accumulated enough experience during college. however, they lose the freedom in nine years. they have to do job at part time and they will not have choice after graduation.

to company, they can have a trained employee in five years. their major is the most suitable and they have four years work experience in company. the risk is how company can make sure what kind employee they want in four years? how to make sure the employee is as well as expected? how to make sure the company will not go bankrupt in four years?

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