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Thinking from someone else's shoes!

I never thought about college expenses since my father pays for my education, but when I actually sat down and thought about it, it's bad.

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My father pays for my education and I commute to my university from home. I don't have to pay rent for an apartment, since I live at home, nor do I have to pay utilities or food costs. So I have never sat down and thought about college expenses, they were never a problem for me. However, once I began thinking about how expensive and frankly ridiculous college is to a student, it made me slightly upset. Tuition rates for a student are obviously unaffordable, so what do most students do? They take out a loan. That loan sets the students up for failure. Once they graduate, they get a job and begin to make some money. However, they can't save that money. Almost all of their monthly income will be used in paying rent. utilities, car loans, and mostly their student loans. The system we currently have in place. Sets students up to fail and puts them in a debt that takes serious financial management to beat. 

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Students are told that a college education will better their life. However no one tells them that getting that education will cost them so much money that by the time they are done paying the loan they will be almost their parents age. Something about the current system needs to change.


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Hello Mohsin,

Totally agree! College is getting more expensive by the year. I currently live in west campus and i pay twice as more rent then my brother did when he was at UT 5 years ago. There are many additional costs to college, not just the tuition. There needs to be more benefit and scholarship programs for students. I know there are many scholarships programs currently, however a lot of students do not make the cut.

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