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The Student Council, Power of Students at College.

Student Council selected by students to support students and defend student rights at College Executives Meetings.

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If you are a student, you need to somebody to represent you at College Executive Meetings. So that  You can  have an effect on decision-makers at the very top level of college management. 

Council president and its members are students as well so that they can understand students situations more than instructors or decision-makers. I have worked in Student Council in our university as a volunteer, So How does this system works? Every year students select the council in  by voting, students selects one president and department representative. For instance,  for Computer Engineering department, one representative selected by Computer Engineering students and they also vote for  the student president for entire in  university or college. 

Council has right to make  one vote  or voice when management making a decision on something about college. Students are represented very well at the top. Students who have a problem with anything they visit the council and ask for help. Council has the budget as well, this budget is created by students, when each semester starts, all students gives money to support council budget. Because they know that they may need that budget one day. This can be about 25 - 50 dollars support from each student.

This budget may be used for to support a student who can't pay tuition fee at that semester, or support poor students to buy their materials like books etc... or make some other activities that students can benefit. Basically, council  helping students and representing students on anything related with college. 


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