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Subway advertisement in NYC

Public expression of an opinion on the cost of education.

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I ran into this advertisement in the NYC subway system and had to look twice to see that ART was crossed off and replaced by DEBT. It reminds me of guerrilla types of street art like Banksy. The fact that someone took the time to cross out "art" and write "debt" may make people think twice about the educational system like work from Banksy would make someone think twice about the idea that he is expressing. Though this particular expression feels harsh to me, it is a reality people are living. It does though, make me think that there could be creative ways communicating tips to college students on how to reduce their debt before and during college.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Are there creative ways of raising awareness about how to make the higher education system affordable?

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Hi Hovsep. Thanks for for sharing this. I think that finding a creative way to communicate the existing problems related with the costs of higher education can make more people think about the issue. In addition, I believe that many people don't know about platforms such as OpenIDEO where users can share opinions and ideas in regards to specific issues such as this one.
Maybe it would be interesting to inform people about this platform. Finding a creative way to invite people to participate in this platform and help everybody to find a solution for this issue would be interesting.