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Redistribute what is already out there in aid

A synopsis of the fabulous NYT article "A Matter of Degrees" by Adam Davidson

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In this article from the NYT the author puts forward some interesting ideas about the education market. First there are really three higher-education markets

  1. Top tier
  2. Large regional powerhouses
  3. Nonselective public, community and private for-profit

He says if you add up the financial aid available from state and local governments and from nonprofit insitutions there is enough money already out there to support everybody's education - the problem is that aid is distrubted unevenly. That 3rd tier gets the least amount. Our system gives three time as much aid to the least needy as it gives to the most. Also he highlights the ASAP program in NY - indicating its not just moving the money but moving it to the right place and providing the extra help that is needed to help people finish college. They call it "mandatory intrusive guidance"

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can we redistribute the funds that are already there to provide the financial support and guidance to people who need it.

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I think this is an interesting approach and idea because this is telling me that money is floating around that's not being put to use. I think by having the right technology in place, we can see where the money is being allocated now. After the systems are in place, we can run better analytics and see where the money should be redistributed.