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Profit with purpose - peer to peer marketplace to fund education

A unique model where you invest in another's education for a % of future earnings

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An interesting model - does it have a potential for widespread implementation? and

"Edudream is a peer to peer marketplace to fund education. Individuals can raise money for their education and pay in two models: 1) a fixed percentage of their income over the years or 2) Agreed interest rate.

It is a marketplace model applied to the Education Finance Industry. And we use bitcoin as the medium of transfer and the blockchain for smart contracts. So, if you have $10 or $10 million to invest, we can offer a portfolio of vetted individuals with high potential education dreams. We will follow the student over the years and give the investors monthly updates. "



What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

In what situation could this model be most beneficial? Fully funding a 4-year degree? Or specialized courses for career enhancement? For foreign students dreaming of taking a course or two in the USA? Or for US students looking for higher education?


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