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Other Side of the Fence

Looking into different perspectives existing in other education and national systems.

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Affordable Education:

  • Cost of Living is affordable as well
  • Rising education costs in the coming years leading up to graduation

How the cost of education has impacted your life?

  • financial aid/scholarships/grants not provided for people who already have undergrad degrees in community college
  • gave a better focus because of financial responsibility, difficulty in work, not as much freedom, clearer goal.

What people, institutions and support were most helpful to you in understanding the cost of higher ed?

  • counselors
  • landlord
  • family
  • personal research
  • friends
  • administrators: teachers, calling dept. head in colleges

When making financial decisions around higher ed, what resources do you wish you could have accessed?

  • counselors
  • other students

Have you ever helped others in affording education?

  • as parents, the challenge is being a contractor and keeping consistent with jobs while helping support your children

Have you heard or experienced examples of reimagining the cost of higher ed and how it’s paid for?

  • Germany, taxpayers are responsible of free tuition, students are provided a student loan evaluated by different qualifications, after 5 years it needs to be paid, 50% needs to be paid. if you can pay it back right away, you get 50% off the total cost. Tax is higher in Germany.
  • Have access to influence or dictate where our taxes are going (transparency)
  • Workstudy program, sign up as a student, once you finish school have work, you pay a percentage of that program to pay for other students
  • Work-study that currently pays during college for principal balance (U.S. Federal Loans).
  • Alumni associations (voluntary) or in-school scholarships funded by alumni.
  • Bootcamps 
  • Better search tools for scholarships and grants
  • High school programs that allows students to build funds for college

Do you think making higher education affordable is important? Why or why not?

  • Higher competition for some job roles, accessibility to all is positive, smarter society

Higher education more affordable?

  • taxes
  • socialism (jk)
  • corporate sponsorship

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

We're inspired by different education systems from other countries, and preparing for higher education before a student goes through the college application process.

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