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How companies can train and provide vocational education to students from low income communities to train?

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Vocational training provides employment opportunities and helps develop skills. When vocational training programs are provided by established organizations, they not only contribute to the society as CSR but also build a large community of skilled people. Large organizations and multinationals can provide opportunities to educational or vocational programs to local/rural communities which can in turn help them enhance there brand presence.

One such example is of Toyota Technical Training Institute(TTTI) in Bangalore, India. This institute is run by Toyota Kirloskar Motors. They select meritorious students from rural parts of Karnataka who cannot fund for their education post high-school due to financial constraints. These students are provided a 3 year diploma degree and there is no tuition fee. The students are required to live on campus in dorms and all other facilities and requirements for students are provided free of cost. Post completion, the students have the option to either join Toyota Kirloskar Motor as a full-time employee or they can to join any other organization of their choice. 

This is an example of providing education and employment opportunities for students in lower income communities while the company gets skilled labor. Here is the link that has detailed information about TTTI's vision and mission statements and their achievements so far.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can organizations impact their surroundings and how can companies provide educational and employment opportunities to students in low income or rural communities?


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Great inspiration Namita! I love your provocation of how companies can provide educational opportunities for students in low-income communities. The Toyota Technical Training Institute is a fantastic example of how this can successfully play out. It reminds of the post on the Starbucks - ASU partnership: This will definitely be something to consider as we move into the Ideas phase of this challenge.

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Photo of Namita Simha

Hello Shane, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and a related post. It is interesting to see how organizations can utilize their networks and be resourceful while providing value not just to their users/customers or even employees but also to the society in general . Collaborations such as these have various positive implications in organizational perspective too.
Thanks for the tips, I have created a direct link.