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On the Way to School

A documentary of 4 children and their siblings and the struggles they face as they go to school #Kenya #India #Morocco #Argentina

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On the Way to School tells the story of all the challenges eight children face as the leave home to go to school. Some of us do not realize that the "journey" to school can be the greatest challenge of all in the process of getting an education. In the case of Jackson and his sister from Kenya, they must be very careful on their walk to avoid elephants that might cross their path. Without giving away too much detail of the movie, seeing the struggles that these children face was an eye opening moment, as for these children, education was their token to escape poverty and attain happiness not only for themselves, but also for their families.

This documentary can be found on Netflix. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Education is a fundamental human right and our children should not have to risk their lives to get it.


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Good job looking beyond the stated problem of funding. Sounds like a good story—adding it to my Netflix queue.

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This is a great post! The documentary reminded me of my father's story on how I he got to school. Everyday he would wake up and walk three miles back and forth just to get an education. Today, if students were faced with the challenges of actually walking miles to and from class, I believe the percentage of dropping out would increase. I am so fortunate that we have all these tools and resources available such as busses to take us to school. We should really take an advantage if we have these tools at our disposal because some people in other countries do not.

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Thanks for your comment Ashif. There are many resources that only some have at their disposal that make it possible for them to attend school. When we're thinking of creative ways to pay for college I can't help but think of accessibility as well, and how this can be an impediment for some students regardless of our solution- that is unless we take it into account as part of the research process