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On and off campus education may cut cost.

Off and on campus education as a mixed approach may provide a better choice for students instead of only one of them.

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On campus education is not affordable for almost students who come from low income families in the US. And therefor, they must normally struggle with huge debts after their graduation. This fact leads to a new approach of education that many universities deploy: online education. However, many tend to be reluctant to attend these online programs or schools as they are considered as low quality.

Personally, I think education providers should combine on and off campus programs to carry out a better choice for students. This mixed approach can help cut costs for schools and students as well. The students have less burden of tuition fee, and they also have more time to get part time jobs. A successful career requires not only how much they learn from school but also how much they learn from practice. This combined model can give them two.

Take FPT, a new private university in Vietnam as an example, they have just implemented a new program that their students can study online and in class as well. The students spend most of time to learn online and just need to attend some on campus meetings per semmester to have more interactions with others and teachers and to discuss academic problems of lectures. This program seems to be attractive and efficient, and the school believes that this will be a successful education model which provides a more affordable and innovative way of education for their students.

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