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Number of universities per working age citizien

Is there a link between number of people who can go to University and number of university in a country?

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In the US there are 7234 institutes and 183 889 000 working age population (19 - 65). That is 25 420 person per institute (source: and

However in the Netherlands there are 56 institutes for 10 065 804 working age population (20 - 65 years), resulting in 179746 citizen per institute. 

Now in the Netherlands the tuition costs are low (around 2000 euros). But in the Netherlands students are sorted in middle school already, put on different tracks that determine if and what kind of university they can attend. So the real pool of potential students is lower than the pool of working age population. 

Feel free to add numbers about other countries in this google sheet:

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How would tuition costs change if the supply or demand of students or institutes change?


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Just added for canada ,does he working age category refers to the entire working population?

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Great thanks. Yes, I took the working age population as learning should never stop. I also picked this category because I thought that this is an age population all countries report.

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