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Mark Cuban on Cost of College

Rethinking the typical "four year degree plan."

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Mark Cuban gives key insights into the cost of college - and the future of college tuition money. The continued trend of "Easy Money," where students get loans easily for college (which has amassed to over $1 trillion in US debt) has led to inflated college tuition prices, and a potential bubble.

To combat piling student debt, Mark Cuban argues for students to attend their lower division classes and electives at community colleges - or, going a step further, even dual credit or AP classes in high school, where school is essentially free.

Additionally, Cuban calls for the restructuring of collegiate budgets amongst school administrators, professors, and buildings divided by subject. Cuban believes different buildings for different disciplines are unnecessary, costly, and unsustainable.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Everyone believes they should attend a university for four years - but is there really that big of a difference between Harvard's Intro to Reading class and an "Average Joe" Community College's Intro to Reading? There is - in price.

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It would be most beneficial if students could attain AP credit in high school because the costs are lowest there, but many schools don't have faculty skilled enough (or even the proper study materials such as books) to prepare for the AP exams. Do you think companies like the Princeton Review should make those learning tools more accessible?