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Is Badging The Way Of The Future?

Is the future of education and employment qualification centering on the development of specific skills?

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Is the future of education centering in on badging? It's strange to think that a concept developed 100 years ago could carry so much weight today but it's starting to pick up pace. If we believe that college is failing to prepare young students for success and driving them deeper and deeper into debt then How Might We create a system that develops the actual skills needed for integration into the workplace? How might we develop a system that allows present day employees to work outside of their resumes?

Are MOOC's, coding schools, short term crash courses and co-ops the real way of the future?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How Might We create a system that develops the actual skills needed for integration into the workplace?


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Great post!
In addition to MOOCs, I've seen another interesting example of badging for jobs - Duolingo's language proficiency rating. As you go through the free language training and practice, you get closer and closer to 100% proficiency. Yes, it's slow-going - but definitely an incentive to keep learning, especially since Duolingo offers to post your updated language proficiency as a badge on LinkedIn.
Students at my liberal arts undergrad institute have been considering the "Genius Bar model" for learning traditionally non liberal arts skills (Microsoft Excel, Java, Python, etc). I'd be interested to hear if any other schools are employing these kinds of weekly, staff-led classes that don't affect GPA, and whether that was due to student demand or school initiatives.

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A few schools are starting to develop programs for this. Some are first focusing on using it for staff development and others are rolling it out in low impact situations.

This makes me wonder about the use of these to offset the necessity of College. Not everyone is able to make the time / economic commitment. How might users utilize badging to show work relevant skills?

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