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Is a college degree worth it?

Is a college degree worth it compared to the amount of loans is left to pay after?

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While ambitious students are receiving their college degrees, they are also leaving college with a huge debt. Recent college graduates left school owning an average of about $30K in student loans. Frustration with the economy and unemployment rates is consistently shaping public opinion as a college degrees, tradition thought of as a safeguards against unemployment, no longer guarantee gainful positions. 

Currently, going to college costs between 3-4 times more then it did 20 years ago. While people with degrees stand a better chance of landing a job than those who don't have one, the time it takes to pay back the money laid out for a degree is growing, causing many to question the efficacy of attending college. Moreover, looking at successful college-dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs weighs on young people making the decision on whether or not to go to college.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

The expected salary a student would make after they graduate would be a key controller of how that students pays back the loan. So decided what degree to chose would help eliminate some drastic results for the aftermath.


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What if a student is not going to college because they want a job? What if they are going because they want to learn? Then it's not about a salary they might make after, but the intrinsic worth of the education they gain.

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I also think there are also many other large aspects of attending college besides the financial investment. I had asked a friend studying computer science at Stanford: what can you learn about computer science here that is any different than learning at a different university? Why Stanford then? For her, the main different experience wasn't in the major or classes but it was meeting those people around her. For me as well, it is about finding passionate people who have similar interests. Social investment?

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You're completely right. Many people want to come to college to learn and get that wonderful experience. This are just some concerns that I had found by reading some articles and through talking to people in different industries.

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