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Infographic on the Cost of College

How students finance and view their education in visual form.

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Full Infographic Here.

This infographic created by Citigroup and Seventeen magazine surveyed 1000 students to get their take on everything related to their finances and college life. You can read the full article on Huffington Post here

80% of students learn about money from their parents. A good question is, are they learning the right things from their parents?

34% of students learn about money from schools. This is shockingly low considering that high-schools constantly prepare kids for college, yet they don't teach a big part of it - how do you pay for it?

Roughly 40% of students don't use any kind of budget for their finances. 

An interesting take away is that although 61% of students feel that college is more expensive than they expected, 94% still feel that it is a worthwhile investment for their future. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Do students currently studying have an accurate perception of their situation? 83% of students believe they're well prepared for the workplace for success; do companies and employers feel the same way about graduates? Where else are there areas where students have a misconception about their situation compared to reality?


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Another thing to look at regarding the satisfaction students get from going to college is what they studied. A lot of college graduates look back and regret the major they ended up with. Here's an article on Regrets About College :

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