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Income share agreements to pay for school

Students promise a percentage of future income rather than a fixed repayment in return for school loans.

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"Income share agreements" are one idea that has been presented for reducing the burden of student debt. Students promise a percentage of future earnings in return for the loan to pay for school. From an article in Slate:  "Income share agreements—contracts that allow investors to give individuals money upfront in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings—are quietly gaining a following among critics of the nation’s staggering student-debt problem. New companies such as Upstart, Pave, and Lumni have turned to the investing-in-people model to help talented individuals secure funds for anything from education to business ventures...The basic theory behind ISAs is that they make life more manageable for the borrower because the debt is repaid in proportion to earnings."

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

If you think of students as though each is an entrepreneur in which you are investing, perhaps there are different solutions for financing college.


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