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Hybrid online & in-class educational program with 1 year internship for lower income communities.

A free or low cost higher educational program that combines MOOCs and traditional classroom education, followed with 1 year internship.

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"Practical wisdom, as he [Aristotle] conceives it, cannot be acquired solely by learning general rules. We must also acquire, through practice, those deliberative, emotional, and social skills that enable us to put our general understanding of well-being into practice in ways that are suitable to each occasion" (Aristotle's Ethics).

It is s known fact that we seek education TO BE knowledgeable; TO mature socially/emotionally, TO BE civilized human beings and thus navigate the real world with the comfort of money.

Then why should the means to reach these ends be complicated  and expensive? 

The answer to this question is not that simple, but there are renown universities who are making progress in providing affordable education.

Just recently, MIT initiated an online educational program that provides education free/ at low cost. This radical approach can change the way the current generation will advance themselves with less burden of student loans.

How about this idea inspires institutions to provide a hybrid education program by combining MOOCs, traditional classroom sessions, and final 1 year paid internship especially to those who deserve the most (low income communities).

By cutting higher educational costs via hybrid programs and allowing students to pay debts (if any) in 1 year internship and network for better job prospects will help reduce the increasing cost of student loan debt.

lets hope this come true!

Inspirational Source: You can now get half an MIT master’s degree almost for free, and without ever going to MIT.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

"Higher education is going digital, responding to the architecture of knowledge in a digital age, and MOOCs, while heavily criticized, have proven a much-needed catalyst for the development of progressive programs that respond to the changing world." Source:


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Swapna, thanks for this post! I am very interested in the ways in which technology can change education for all, and am grateful you brought up MIT's approach. I would be keen to think into how distance learning could help to educate students both within the country (those who for one reason or another cannot attend a college in a certain region - perhaps due to a job commitment) but also for those who are outwith the country, but whose skills would suit a particular university (i.e. MIT!). This might, in the future, redefine the idea of international education! The one potential snag that I wonder about is whether or not the general public will see this degree as "as prestigious" as a normal-route MIT degree. I wonder if there is something about being part of the MIT community in person and immersing oneself in the culture there that lends itself to this generally recognized idea of being prestigious. Just a thought.... Along the same lines, I just wonder if something really is lost by not attending in person. I'm not sure, because I have never taken an online class myself; but, especially as we move into a more technically savvy society, I feel that online education will become more and more important. Again, thank you for this great post!

Photo of Swapna Bellare Balsekar

Thanks Nicole for your feedback!
Anything radical will either fall through or gain momentum. That's why I like the idea if univs can create a hybrid instead of taking 1 approach. If all the prequisties can be taken online and core courses in class I think it saves time, resources and money. Anyway there way too many prereqs in bachelors program. I think bachelors should be 3 years plus 1 year for internship.

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