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How I got a GA during my Masters Degree

Personal story on how a guy from Ecuador got a GA (Graduate Assistant position) to afford his Business Masters degree in the US.

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After getting approved, I decided to travel to the US from Ecuador.

I had no money to pay for the whole tuition, but was confident I could get a job. As soon as I arrived, I literally knocked on every door looking for a GA (Graduate Assistant) position that would offer a tuition waiver. I got one after two weeks thanks to another Ecuadorian graduating and leaving that opening, and over time I graduated from my Masters cum laude.

I believe the main initial barrier was fear. This fight or flight response is heavy for new grad students, and I figured it was either fight or fail, which led me to cast everything aside to look for a GA. I hope this is useful for someone.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

I just launched myself and travelled without any job assurance, but was confident I could get an interview and a GA scholarship.


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Hi David,

Just to be clear, by "GA" you mean Graduate Assistantship, right?


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Yes. Just edited for correctness. Thanks!

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Thanks, David!

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