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How I get through college

Motivation can be the solution

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Everyone has their own story; everyone has their own perspective.

I am a motivated individual who worked hard through college just to pay for it.

Education has become very expensive in the last few years, and has become a privilege for people to attend. For some people the money isn't a problem, this may be due to inheritance or from their parent's hard work over the years.

For me getting into college was a challenge. I didn't mind, because I knew that it would be worth the experience, and that having the degree would open up opportunities for me in the future towards my dream job.

So, I set out and got a job in the hospitality industry which is related to my bachelors degree as it showed experience in the field. It gave me a taster of what the industry was actually like and I worked out that I wanted a career in this field. I worked full time, five days a week and saved up as much money as I could. There were sacrifices I made along the way. I wasn't going out drinking or shopping with my friends, but I knew it was all going to be worth it in the long run. I had a goal to work towards and I was going to achieve it.

My motivating factors for investing into my college degree is to achieve my future career vision.


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Hi Donna,

This is a great way to look at it. I think working during/prior to college with something related to your major not only helps to realize whether you like what you're doing or not but you also get the money to pay for college. Obviously, there are sacrifices which will definitely pay out in the long run. If you have a degree, I think it becomes that much easier to secure a good, full time job.

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Hi Sanam,
Exactly! I think wether career or education, whatever you do it's always based on how much you want, how bad you want it. So, i've experienced hospitality and i want something more, saved money for supporting the degree I'm doing now :)

Photo of Sanam

I'm glad to hear that, Donna! Chase those dreams :)

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