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How Australian companies are paving my way through higher education

As a Co-op scholar companies provide me ongoing payments throughout my whole degree in exchange for completing internships with them.

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I am an Australian university student who has a Co-op Scholarship funded by Australian companies: * Students: receive industry experience and financial support, chance to practice concepts taught at university. *Companies: additional staff, chance to build relationships with future graduates This helps to cover expenses such as textbooks, travel, membership for clubs, stationary.


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I can relate with what you are saying since I also receive a sum of money for my Master's Degree. There are some related articles such as: (made by Shane)

This is also a great a story that you should read!

Great Contribution!

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Hi Patricio,

Thanks for the response! I definitely agree there are a lot of great examples of similar programs where companies support students and both those articles were really interesting.

I wonder if one of the reasons more companies don't participate in similar programs is the lack of protection on their investment in students... for example students are not committed to work at Starbucks after they complete there degree.

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I'm not an expert, but my guess is that the companies that can afford sponsoring student's education, already have tons of highly qualified people who want to work for them...

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