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Funded Project scholarships

I worked along with other students, teacher and professionals on a funded project(by grant) as a research assistant and a designer-developer

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During the Fall 2014, I was offered a position of a developer in the coming semester to work in collaboration with this big multi-national cooperation by my professor. I wouldn't considered as that company's employee, but their developers and our team from school were working on a project which would open to public after completion. One might think that its hard to juggle school, homework, on-campus/ part time job and this additional project on top of the projects from school, but the project wasn't as demanding as one would imagine. All I needed was to contribute 2-3 hrs per week, where I got the chance to meet new people from the major cooperation and expand my network. Of course by the end of semester I was handsomely rewarded with a scholarship which contributed towards my forthcoming semester fees. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

There are several aspects to my scenario mentioned above. Not only, I was offered a scholarship, I got to work in my field of interest, I got experience working with professionals, I got to add an impressive item on my resume and hence I got another job based on that project. I would suggest to approach professors and they would be more than helpful to make it alive.


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Interesting insights Nirbhay which highlights the importance of being pro-active when you are in college.
You also point to the multiple values you gained from the participation to the project.
A question related to this challenge might be: how can create similar opportunities for young people as they enter college?

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Perhaps schools can get companies to work with them to offer work-for-scholarship opportunities like these and offer them to incoming students, like they do with work-study. Or this can go beyond just companies working with schools to offer scholarships but perhaps entire communities can offer scholarship through the school, if they give back or work with some community organization to meet some goals.

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Its only a part of it! The idea that I was thinking of was like- Culinary schools could start a restaurant(as part of school) where students will get hands on experience in cooking and the restaurant could managed by the Hotel Management school and it would continue like that. Once they graduate they would have things to show on their resumes and hence they would be "Freshers" with experience, since it is becoming a job criteria these days.

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Thanks Nirbhay for the clarification. I think this is an interesting idea that you should definitely explore during the ideation phase. To me it relates to providing more hands-on experience to students, and possibly reducing costs as students could work to pay for their studies.
I went and looked at 2 schools (one in the US and one in Switzerland) that offer this kind of programs:

I also recommend you look at other posts who are exploring related ideas, exploring different ways of providing students training and / or partnering with companies:

Looking forward to reading more of your research posts and see how this evolves during ideation.

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Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Anne! We might include our ideas related to this in the idea challenge.

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