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Education is pressing need for mankind should not be used as a commodity trading

The advancement and greatness of a country depends on the level of education of its people.

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Because it involves the victorious and the greatness of a country, then education ought to get a large portion from state budget in addition to health and the military budget. Scholarship from the government should be up to the undergraduate level.

Usually the cost of expensive at the time of entering university and at the end of the level, this should be evaluated.  In the early stages do not need complicated by the cost of expensive, to stimulate a lot of young people go to university.

Governments, philanthropic foundations and entrepreneurs should be more proactive

So many sad news, of students who because of lack of funds to be running prostitution both women and men in some countries, as well as young people drop out of school due to lack of funds. This is a very serious concern for us all, how their future? Graduate school but with the mental and character dilapidated. They are the future leaders of the nation. and the state in the hands of former prostitutes.

Perhaps the ultimate test several subdiscipline invitation installments throughout the year, thus at the final stage will cost little.,

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

We must stimulate the humanitarian foundation to increase the percentage of aid for scholarship. And increase the flagship school. The greatness of the university assessed on how they can change the students with low ability to be the best graduates. Universities such as this should be multiplied in number.


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