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Does the school provide the benefits to match the tuition?

Interviewed with an ordinary college student

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Jina Lee is studying communication and a senior student of a college at Chicago. She grew up in Southern California.

Family environment 

Through the interview, I was surprised that she vaguely had a concept of studying at college even before she entered elementary school. Her both parents have bachelor's degree in engineering and guided her in smooth but in resolute way to go to college.

Public high school 

She went to public high school. Although her actual planning to apply the college started at her high school senior year, she says that she knew well how to get the information she needed. For example, she could get help from school teachers for the application process, while Internet was a better source of collecting college information. 

Money: Tuition, Living cost, Scholarship, Student-loan

There were many factors influenced on her decision to choose a college to attend: School Reputation, Location, Job Landing, Accessibility to big city, Scholarship, weathers.. etc. Among the consideration factors, Money--tuition and living cost--was one of the priorities at the consideration stage. She receives scholarship to cover her part of tuition and used to use student-loan (now her parents pay the tuition). 

 "My school offers only one type of student-loan, so I couldn't help choose other options." Jina says. The student-loan program she used to use does not count interest until graduation. Jina plans to get a job within 3-6 month after graduation to payback the student-loan. 

"I think the school provides a good amount of resources and benefits but tuition is still way too high." Jina thinks college tuition is too high especially for young students.  "And tuition is always raised year to tear for things that are not necessarily directly benefitting students, like construction and building renovation."



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