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College should be FREE

I have completed a Bachelor and Master Degrees, and feel that there is one solution to affordable college education: IT SHOULD BE FREE.

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The process of college is both a challenge and a success, once completed. It is heralded as the ultimate goal of every student - especially in the United States. It is advertised and on display everywhere you go, and everywhere you look. It's supposed to paint a picture of what the "American Dream" is - getting a college degree, and then a well paying job, etc. However, this is not reality. On the other side of this "dream" are serious issues involving a predatory system of Student Loans - WHY do they exist? WHY is it that in other Western Nations college is FREE? What makes college be so expensive? And why is this process not explained BEFORE you sign your life away to these predatory lenders? My frustration with this system is high, and I feel that if I had another choice, I simply would choose to not go to college, or go overseas. I am now sacrificing major life decisions due to the extreme burden of debt, and there is no relief in sight. How is it that American Citizens are being punished for wanting to get an education? How come someone can file Bankruptcy on a home, car, credit cards, virtually any debt, EXCEPT student loans?

It's time to give our generation the chance to speak - a chance to live again, without the FEAR, desperation, and burden of student loan debt. Eliminate the debt, so people can have a chance at making the economy better, move on with their lives, and get the "American Dream" they DESERVE.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

My advice is do all the research you possibly can, and DO NOT take any Student Loans. If you can, go to a Community College first, and try to get a part-time job to pay for your education as you go. Sponsors and scholarships exist, but they are hard to come by and do not offer a lot of help. The best advice is that COLLEGE SHOULD BE FREE, period. Then, no one will be in this unfortunate position.


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