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College isn't for everyone

Do a better job identifying who it's right for; and also who it's not right for, even though they can afford it.

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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

According to this article on Bloomberg ( there are over 100,000 college degreed janitors working in the US.

The article provides an excellent list of reasons why college isn't for everyone. Perhaps a worthy aspect of this mission would be to develop ideas that acknowledge this.
1. Help families in underserved populations learn how to engender the skills and disciplines in their children that lead to high achievement in high school. Top 25% high school students have a much higher level of college admission and graduation.
2. Help families that have the means to send their children to college do a better job of understanding the degree to which their children will actually benefit from going, versus taking an alternative track in trade school or other options. This would open up spots for kids who are more likely to graduate and ultimately use the education they've earned.
3. Ensure funding available for all students who demonstrate the appropriate skills and discipline in high school.

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