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Coding Bootcamps "are a real-estate gambit"

Huge fixed costs can drive an institution to focus more on finance and less on its mission.

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Coding bootcamps chase accreditation by partnering with universities

This article is talking specifically about coding bootcamps, but it is a good reminder of how financial demands can pull an institution away from its educational mission. "Bootcamps with brick-and-mortar facilities are a real-estate gambit, and they often act like a restaurateur, turning tables through their facility to optimize revenue per square foot at each location. If they can get twice as many students through their facilities each year, it’s financially advantageous." This situation is the same for any college: when you have huge fixed costs for all the real estate and facilities (and some would argue, tenured professors) then you must feed that beast, and that pushes you to pump students through and find ways to tap all and any money that is out there.

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Colleges have huge fixed costs. Can we change the affordability of college without changing those costs?


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