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Changing the Higher Education Business Model

Understanding how Science and Technology can create new models for teaching and learning.

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The cost of tuition continues to increase in U.S.A. Currently, Universities and Colleges face two major challenges: how to make education more affordable and how to guarantee an expected return in regards to the investments that students make.

Nowadays, innovations such as iTunes, Netflix and Kindle have been disrupting specific industries. The same is happening with higher education. Science and technology have been creating new models for teaching and learning. Innovators are now using technology and analytics to break geographic and financial barriers, among others.

As a consequence, it can be said that evaluating the changes that this situation can cause in the experience of teaching and learning can help to understand how to reimagine the cost of college in U.S.  

Source: Deloitte University Press


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Photo of Hovsep Agop

Thank you Sandrina. Two things I found super interesting.

First, a guaranteed return on the investment students make. Students are taking a leap of faith most of the time with the educational programs, but if there is a guaranteed outcome at the end I think the way society perceives the educational system would change. If you buy a product, you know what you're getting. With the education system, what you're paying for may not end up being what you thought you were buying.

The comparison of higher ed to Netflix, iTunes and Kindle is an insightful way of looking at the problem. Though a handful of MOOC platforms have emerged, I feel like we're at an interesting time where we don't necessary know which one will make the move that could redefine the way people "consume" education.

Photo of Sandrina Pinto

Hi Hovsep. Thanks for your comment. I also agree with you. Because what is being sold is a service, the perceived risk can be higher. Therefore, Universities should try to guarantee an expected return in regards to the investment that student make.
Moreover, it is known that new technologies are contributing to a change in the way people interact and learn. Because of that, understanding how technology can change Education can be fundamental. I also agree with you when you say that this is the moment where we don't know who will change the Higher Education Sector.