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Alumni donation. Student loan. Any other options out there?

How about alumni loan? Future-employer-loan? The list is up to our imagination (and IRS regulations, too).

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As an alum,  I make donation to my college each year.  As an investor, I could invest in SoFi student loan (Disclaimer: I am not).  And I had received sign-on bonuses a couple of times when I accepted a job.

Just thought it might be possible and sensible to create a few hybrid financial products such as:

1.  Alumni-to-student loan.  
Instead of writing a check to the general pool of a giant university endowment fund,  I am writing a check directly to someone that attends my alma mater and I have every interest to wish him/her a great experience.  I might even throw in additional time to provide this student mentorship.  This student is not just a faceless person to me but someone that I could have influenced his/her life dearly.

I can even decide to write it off if the student decides to take a less financial rewarding career but more meaningful to him and me.  In that case, he could be debt free and I just convert that loan into a donation.  Everyone is happy and we all win. 

2.  Future-employer loan.  
A student can take loan from either just one employer or multiple employers.  For employers, the loan could be merit-based or from social corporate responsibility programs.

If the student decides to join an employer, then the loan just becomes the sign-on bonus with the service commitment of a few years.  If not, then the loan could be "refinanced" by the new employer with same or different payment terms. Or, if the student is self-employed, it will be converted to a standard loan.

PS - I have worked in payment industry and consumer lending space.  Looking for teammates for the Idea Phrase.  Please ping me if you are interested. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

There are many possible solutions for college student loan.

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