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A Dream of Education

Believe, have faith and always stick to your dream no matter what happens.

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It is very hard to see some of your friends, who were not that smart at school, joining the leading universities in your country just because their families are capable of affording money to pay their siblings’ fees. For me, it was completely a different story. I use to believe that a high reputation universities are the only ones which can bring a shiny and successful carrier future. I was so depressed that I don’t have that amount of money to enter these universities. I have finished my year 12 then joined a public university back in country Lebanon. Month after month, things started to change. I started by realizing that money can’t buy knowledge, whereas knowledge can buy money. I can spend hundreds of dollars to get “x” degree in “y” university but what if I am not learning and developing myself? It wasn’t easy for me to get along with new classmates or to make new friends in a new very different environment.

But, eventually, things started to change by the second semester when I met many new people who were very friendly with me. However, I was so impressed with that speech of Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ which actually empowers every person to work hard in order to reach his dream target. I believed that my future will be completely different from what I thought it would be. I finished my bachelor degree in Banking & Finance with a distinction GPA 3.2/4. Majoring in finance is not a sweet piece of cake that you can gobble-up easily … it is a blend of accounting and economics joined firmly together. The question on what really pushed me to choose such an uneasy major was what I see in the importance of the field of finance in our modern world of  economic stability, especially nowadays when finance is  in control of everything in our daily life.

This dream had never stopped here. I applied to get enrolled at UTS University in Sydney which is one of the best 200 universities worldwide. Yes I had a dream that I want to reach higher and further education. I got accepted and now in my last semester in the master of Human Resources Management at UTS, I keep on dreaming to continue and get my PhD.  

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Impossible is Nothing !!!


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