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EduPass - An online education cloud platform

EduPass allows students to take online courses across multiple universities, geared to fit their particular needs & spark their interest.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it reimagine the cost of college?

EduPass is a multi-university online cloud platform for students that are unable to study full-time or attend brick and mortar institutions and want take their degrees online. With EduPass , they can purchase only the courses that fits within their timeframe and sparks their interest. diversity of course offerings across multiple universities equals a more wholesome education. As Universities partner together, the cost per course decreases as education is provided by several institutions.

University education is expensive, and many students are unable to attend brick-and-mortar universities and therefore decide to take their degrees online. However online course offerings are often limited in comparison to in-person education, yet costs are often relatively comparable. These students have time constraints due to work, family responsibilities etc, therefore universities with similar course offerings across disciplines would partner to create an online-based education cloud platform called EduPass. The selected courses of each participating university are offered per semester or term in the form of a national or international marketplace. Students then use EduPass to book and take courses, and the program will be designed to cater the financial, time-constraints, and location needs of these particular students. The purpose is to provide the most diverse, wholesome, affordable and humanized online education experience possible. 

The benefits are:

1. students will find a larger scope and diverse course offerings that spark their interest, allowing for him or her to cater their own experience and create a personalized education. 

2.  by having more course variety to choose from, it increases the chances of the student finding classes that also fits their schedules due to time-constraints. 

3. an inherent cost reduction per course booked, as the degree education is paid across multiple universities, rather than only just one. a subscription-based model charging one standard fee for all participants, or class bundles can decrease overall fees in the chosen area of study rather than a pay-per-class model. 

4. allows for the student to take courses within their own timeframe and schedule, therefore completing their education at their own pace.

5. the student will graduate with a more wholesome and higher quality education overall. 

6. the student is able to take courses across national, or international institutions as the platform grows rather than limiting to what is offered in their home state. likewise, universities are able to cater students living in other places. 

7. allows for students to connect with others alike using the platform, creating a more humanized and much closer to an in-person college experience vs. current online degree platforms. this may include peer-to-peer study groups, forums, clubs, etc, independently of where the student lives.

8. universities can select the online courses to participate in this program, while charging the current rates in the regular online offerings that are not part of EduPass. so this is sustainable for universities in the long-run as they decide which courses to open in this platform.

9. courses can be created and designed specifically for the EduPass platform, + some free courses and special/guest lectures. 

10. as student receives a single joint university degree from several participating institutions, therefore amplifying job offer opportunities after graduation. 

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

talk to students and see what the most popular online degrees are, explore universities and see what their current online course offerings are, conduct an experiment in which comparable universities partner only for the duration of the experiment and each offer a sample course offerings in a joint marketplace. students would attend the classes online for the duration of the experiment. feedback will be taken and addressed to make EduPass a viable option for interested students and Universities.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

i think the idea is interesting, first defining then refining the business model here is key so it is sustainable in the long-run. universities, students , alumni or graduates who have taken online courses or an online degree education i think can better provide feedback, as well as to see what the obstacles or challenges would take to implement the EduPass platform in a multi-institutional level and both nationally and internationally. Any examples of similar and successful approaches ?

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