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Why Blogging May Not Be A Good Idea

Open an online search and chances are you will see a ton of blogs.

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Open an online search and chances are you will see a ton of blogs. That’s because more and more people are becoming bloggers. This means that you will find a variety of topics from a dog loving blog to and online marketing blog.

Now there are two types of bloggers out there – the not-so-serious-about-blogging type bloggers and the full-time-this-is-my-career type bloggers. The former are those people who blog simply because they want to do something of the sort.

They have no other motive than to share their thoughts, stories and pictures. Most of them may be your friends who think nothing of sharing the photos of their vacation to the rest of the world and to your annoyance (but don’t tell them that).

The latter type of bloggers on the other hand, are people who see blogging as a business or at least business like. They see it as something they are doing over a long period that takes up a lot, if not most of their time. For many, it is also their form of livelihood.

There are good things from being a blogger. There are but I won’t be saying them here.


That’s because I’m going to be talking about the bad things instead.


Well, I would say it’s because I can but that would be bad. I’m doing this just to buy iOS downloads and show give people a heads-up should they decide that blogging is the life for them.

First of all, if you plan to become a blogger for your online marketing blog and plan to do it full-time do you have the discipline for it?

More often than not you will be blogging from home. This means no office, no time to punch in and out and more importantly no boss. Well, actually you are the boss but let’s be serious here; are you really going to punish yourself for being late?

Probably not and many bloggers find that they don’t really have the discipline to do the work. Who does when working from home doing writing gives you a lot of free time to do everything else you want to do except to blog.

I mean, come on; football games, basketball games, your kids, your dog, etc. There are a lot of distractions out there that can and will keep you from doing the work necessary for your blog.

Secondly, and this is connected with the discipline is your learning power. As a blogger not only do you need to know how to write (and write well I might add) but you also need to know and learn other things.

Oh things like search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing and the like. You also need to do research for the things you will be writing about. Then there’s the fact that you will be interacting with people who ask you questions in your online marketing blog.

This is no small matter. It takes real dedication to learn all this which means you need to have discipline (see above). If you don’t learn these then you won’t be doing a good job with your blog.

Then there’s a question of whether you’re an introvert or not. But we’ll hold off talking about the rest so that we’ll have something more to talk about next time.

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