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UN chief 'shocked and disturbed' by video of car sex act in Israel

The United Nations says it is "shocked and deeply disturbed" by footage of an apparent sex act in one of its official cars in Israel.

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A spokesman for the UN's chief said the actions of those in the video were "abhorrent"

The clip shows a woman dressed in a red straddling a male in the back of a white 4x4 with the UN mark.

The most widely shared video on social media is clearly filmed on the main street by the sea of Tel Aviv.

The United Nations said it was investigating the incident and similar to identifying the people seen in the video.

Believe that those involved will be officials of the peacekeeping organization in Israel, UN said.

Another passenger can see the front. But the driver can not see when the car moves out

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for UN Secretary General António Guterres described the behavior seen in the 18-second video as "ugly."

Behavior like that "Against everything we stand and work to achieve in the fight against the UN's misconduct," Dujarric told BBC on Friday.

When asked if the apparent sexual conduct was consensual, Mr Tuachik said those questions were part of an ongoing investigation.

The United Nations has strict policies against sexual behavior by its staff.questions were part of an ongoing investigation.

The United Nations has strict policies against sexual behavior by its staff.

Employees may be subject to disciplinary action if they are found to violate regulations. They may be deported home or banned from UN peacekeeping operations. But is the responsibility of their home country for further disciplinary or legal action

The United Nations has been thoroughly scrutinized for allegations of sexual misconduct by peacekeepers and other officials in recent years.

Secretary Guterres has pledged to use the method "Refusing to tolerate" against sexual misconduct with UN rankings

What the UN spokesman said about the video
"We are shocked and greatly disturbed by what is seen in this video," Mr Dujarric said.

He said the investigation led by the United Nations Internal Audit Service was "very fast."

Mr Dujarric said the site of the incident was known and identified by the people seen in the video that "Near to completion"

From the images of the buildings seen in the video, images appear on HaYarkon Road, a busy area parallel to the promenade.

"We expect the process to be concluded quickly and intend to take immediate action," Mr Dujarric said.

The UN has been under scrutiny over allegations of sexual misconduct in recent years

Mr Dujarric said that the persons involved may have been assigned to the UNTSO, which has served in the region since 1948.

What is the UN record of sexual misconduct?
Heather Barr, director of women's rights at Human Rights Watch, said she was "not surprised" by a video from Israel.

Ms Barr, who works for the United Nations in Burundi and Afghanistan, said: "It's good that they are investigating" but adding that the UN "There is a bigger problem than this video."

"The issue is about allegations of sexual exploitation and harassment by UN officials," Ms Bar said.

In 2019, there were 175 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against UN officials.According to those allegations, 16 were confirmed, 15 were uncertain, and all others were still being investigated.

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